Philam Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI)

PhilAM Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI)

Mutual Funds Under Management

  • Philam Managed Income Fund
  • Philam Bond Fund
  • Philam Dollar Bond Fund
  • PAMI Global Bond Fund
  • Philam Fund
  • GSIS Mutual Fund
  • Philam Strategic Growth Fund
  • National Cooperative Mutual Funds of the Philippines

Company Profile

Philam Asset Management, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Philam Life, one of the top life insurance companies in the Philippines, and a member of the AIA Group, a leading life insurer in Asia Region. Philam Asset gives mutual fund shareholders superior yields through active management, diversification and investment expertise.

Philam Asset Management, Inc. Board of Directors

Omar T. Cruz – Chairman of the Board
Karen Liza M. Roa – President and CEO
Reynaldo C. Centeno – Director
Fe R. Velasco – Director
Kevin L.C. Ng – Director
Wing Che Andrew Leung – Director
Javier J. Calero – Independent Director
Edgardo A. Grau – Independent Director

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