No job vacancy in Spain for OFWs: envoy

THE Spanish ambassador to the Philippines on Monday advised Filipino job seekers to look for work elsewhere other than Spain, saying that the European country is still beset with lingering problems among which is a high unemployment rate.

Ambassador to the Philippines Jorge Domecq said the Spanish government has no new programs to recruit foreign migrant workers, including those from the Philippines, since it has to attend to its own domestic employment dilemma.

Figures obtained from the Eurostat, a division of the European Commission in Brussels showed that there are 24.325 million men and women in the 27 European Union (EU) member-countries who lost their employment  in January 2012, a 191,000 increase compared to the number of unemployed in EU’s  27 states in December 2011.

It stated that among the EU states, Spain has the highest rates of unemployment at 23.3 percent followed by Greece at 19.9 percent, Ireland and Portugal both at 14.8 percent. Austria has the lowest unemployment rates at 4 percent, followed by the Netherlands at 5 percent and Luxembourg at 5.1 percent.

“There are no [new] programs for recruiting [migrant workers] and we have no foreseen [job] opportunities. Even your labor department recommends that there is no job for Filipinos in Spain due to high unemployment there,” said Ambassador Domecq during the Fundacion Santiago forum at the Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati.

He said the number of Filipino migrant workers in Spain placed at 60,000 remain unchanged in the last few years since there are no new job opportunities there.

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