BPI Asset Management, Inc.

BPI Asset Management, Inc. is one of the largest institution in the investment management community in the Philippines. Anchored on BPI’s 160 years in banking and finance, BPI Asset Management has a long track record of managing assets of both institutional and individual investors through innovative investment products and solutions considered to be the most complete in the industry.

BPI Asset’s diverse client base spans a broad spectrum to consist of institutional accounts as well as high net worth and mass affluent individual investors. They also cater to individuals who are starting to build their wealth.



As the asset management industry worldwide recovers after the global financial crisis, global assets under management (AUM) rose significantly presenting tremendous opportunities and challenges. The Asia Pacific region registered the highest growth in 2009. Not to be outstaged, the Philippines recorded an AUM growth that outpaced the global industry trend for the same period. More remarkably, BPI Asset Management led this growth by expanding 49.8% in the same year. The recent acquisition of ING Investment Management Philippines further created a much stronger investment organization in the Philippine asset management and trust industry.


Investment Funds


Mutual Funds

  • ALFM Money Market Fund
  • ALFM Peso Bond Fund
  • ALFM Dollar Bond Fund
  • ALFM Euro Bond Fund
  • Ekklesia Mutual Fund
  • ALFM Growth Fund
  • Philippine Stock Index Fund
  • Bahay Pari Solidaritas Fund
Fund NameFund TypeRisk ProfileMinimum Initial InvestmentMinimum Additional InvestmentExit FeeHolding Period (days)Management Fee
ALFM Money Market FundMoney Market FundConservativePhp10,000.00Php1,000.001%300.75%
ALFM Peso Bond FundMedium Term Bond FundModerately ConservativePhp10,000.00Php1,000.001%1801.50%
ALFM Euro Bond FundMedium Term Bond FundModerately ConservativeEUR 500.00EUR 100.001%1800.50%
ALFM Dollar Bond FundMedium Term Bond FundModerately AggressiveUSD 500.00USD 100.001%1801.25%
Ekklesia Mutual FundMedium to Long Term Bond FundModerately AggressivePhp5,000.00Php1,000.001%1801.75%
ALFM Growth FundLong Term Balanced FundAggressivePhp10,000.00Php1,000.001%1802.00%
Philippine Stock Index FundIndex Tracker Equity FundAggressivePhp10,000.00Php1,000.001%1801.50%
Bahay Pari Solidaritas FundMedium to Long Term Balanced FundAggressivePhp5,000.00Php1,000.001%1802.00%


BPI Investment Funds

  • BPI Short Term Fund
  • BPI Premium Bond Fund
  • BPI Institutional Fund
  • BPI International Fund Plus
  • BPI Global Philippine Fund
  • ABF Philippines Bond Index Fund
  • BPI Balanced Fund
  • BPI Equity Fund
  • Philippine Dollar Bond Index Fund
  • BPI Global Equity Fund

Odyssey Funds

  • Odyssey Peso Cash Management Fund
  • Odyssey Peso Income Fund
  • Odyssey Peso Bond Fund
  • Odyssey Tax Exempt Peso Fixed Income Fund
  • Odyssey Philippine Dollar Bond Fund
  • Odyssey Emerging Market Bond Fund
  • Odyssey Tax Exempt Philippine Dollar Fixed Income Fund
  • Odyssey Diversified Capital Fund
  • Odyssey Diversified Balanced Fund
  • Odyssey Philippine Equity Fund
  • Odyssey Philippine High Conviction Equity Fund
  • Odyssey Tax Exempt Philippine Equity Fund
  • Odyssey Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Fund

Institutional Fund Management


Fund Management Solutions

  • Corporate and Institutional Funds
    – Corporations
    – Educational Institutions
    – Religious Organizations
    – Foundations
  • Pension and Provident Funds

Other Fiduciary Solutions

  • Securities Custody Account
  • Mortgage Trust Indenture
  • Escrow Agency
  • Asset or Mortgage-Backed Security
  • Facility Agency or Bond Trusteeship

Wealth Management

  • Special Purpose Trust Participation in BSP Special Deposit Account
  • Living Trust
  • Investment Management Account
  • Securities Custody Account
  • Regular Subscription Plan
  • PERA (Personal Equity & Retirement Account)

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