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Do you still remember that investment TV show that aired in GMA News TV (Channel 11), sometime in August or September last year? That show, although lasted only for 12 episodes, that inspired its viewers to take responsibility in improving their financial lives, securing not only themselves, but most importantly, the people they love?

Who would forget? Yes, it’s Pesos and Sense, hosted by no other than, Mr. Aya Laraya.

Yes, it wasn’t the first TV show in the Philippines to air investment-related discussions, but, as far as I know, the only investment show in the country that have focused that discussion for the masses.

They made everything simple for an average Filipino to understand. The best feature of their show is that everything is laid out in a language understandable by every Filipino – ang wikang TAGALOG.

What’s up with that and What’s up with them?

In my aim to partner with a lot of individuals and institutions to use MFP’s growing influence in making all types of investments accessible to everyone, I’ve contacted Pesos and Sense and invited them to be one of the authors of

“Definitely!” That was the Executive Producer’s response to my invitation.

And to further flatter my humble heart, I was remembered by the P&S team since I’m one of the active fans that participated in their Facebook page when they were just starting out. Hey! I didn’t expect that =)

After the TV Show – The Future and Beyond!

The TV show wasn’t the end of Pesos and Sense’s production, and definitely not the end of Mr. Aya Laraya’s advocacy to educate. It was, in fact, the beginning of more concrete actions to further promote financial literacy here in the Philippines.

Pesos and Sense’s Facebook page didn’t fade out after the final episode. Instead, the page continued to bloom, reaching milestones after milestones. The production team kept the fans engaged by posting regularly, just like saying “hey, we aren’t dead yet!”

Aya is still there, answering every bit of question within his field of expertise. A fantastic man indeed!

Presently, the Pesos and Sense team is conducting seminars, still headed by Mr. Aya Laraya. The first run started sometime in April, and I was told that this would continue on a regular basis.

Aside from the series of seminars, the Pesos and Sense production team is planning to publish some good books – something that the fans should be looking out for.

See more from Pesos and Sense in MFP here.

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  • irene

    I think I really need to understand everything about finances and saving.

  • Miss `Chievous (@aizanity)

    Wow, you have taken your blogging to another level. And, you ought to inform our fellow Pinoys in how to invest. Way to go!

  • yuuki

    i’ll check their fb page and try to learn more about it…

  • reese

    haven’t heard of this show…the concept sounds great

  • zoan

    i have not watched it, nor hear about it:D where was I? LOL

  • MsKatrina

    I love shows that take a complicated concept and break it down so that the average person can understand and make a sound decision.

  • Jhari

    Good post. Thanks for sharing it with us. Sorry I couldn’t say much about it.

    • NickRaquel

      Thank you for visiting :)

  • charm tamba

    i better start learning this soonest!!! will follow this blog para i have somewhere to start… 😀

    • NickRaquel

      Thank you charm :)

  • vix parungao

    mutual funds is something i want to explore but have not found the opportunity just yet. i know of some friends who were investing on these thru their banks + i’d actually want to give it a shot. i will definitely read more of you blog from here on….

    • NickRaquel

      Hey vix, you can actually start just with P5,000. Give it a shot! The sooner, the better.

  • Lizzie

    I like this show because it is so informative. I believe they have also featured Citisec before which is now called COL Financial.

    • NickRaquel

      Yes, during those periods, Citisec was their sponsor.

  • Jellybelly

    I’ve never heard of the show. Too bad. I need investment advice :) Congrats in snagging Mr. Laraya to write for you blog. I look forward to it.

    • NickRaquel

      Not Aya yet, but hopefully we can read something from him here :)

  • Chin chin

    I wasn’t able to watch the Pesos and Sense but it sure looks like a great series by just reading your review. Will check out their FB page as well to know more about it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bee Foreturning

    Will tell the bf who’s into investing about their FB page. :)

  • NickRaquel

    Hi Paula. We’re actually a team working on this blog. I have a few members assigned to different activities of this blog, with me being the main man, with few other authors (of which I’m actually recruiting more to further attain the objective of this blog – that is to promote investments here in the Philippines).

    And to further clarify, Oliver Ramos is a real person, a member of my team =)

    Hope to see you often here Paula :)

  • phoebe kilat

    We lack knowledge when it comes to money management. We need something like this. :)

  • DaddyAllan

    This will be a good help for business minded people.

    • NickRaquel

      Not really just for them, but for everyone :)


    This is a god way to learn more about financial stability.

  • Marco Polo Demo

    Just first time to see this blog about mutual funds. Perhaps I would read more of the post here to gain more knowledge about mutual funds.

  • Leira Bhagwani Pagaspas

    thanks for sharing!!

  • Marielle Faye Garcia

    Very informative! Thank you for sharing! 😀

  • seth

    It will be a great help to the masses especially if it will be tackled in the manner that they can comprehend.

    • NickRaquel

      Yes.. There actually more investment programs out there. Just sometimes, they tend to be targeted to those people who can actually understand them. Masses are ordinary Filipino who thinks investments are just for the rich. Well, some great programs will just prove them wrong – like P&S

  • chelluvu

    Sure this is very helpful to all. Looking forward to learn from it. :)

  • Jen

    This is great! Sometimes we really need someone to explain us financial matters in understandable layman’s terms.

  • nelsonRN

    I’m not familiar with Pesos and Sense, but I’m quite interested. As an OFW, I’d like to put my money on investments that are really worthy. I’ll check out your archives for more related posts. Thanks for sharing.

    • NickRaquel

      Thanks Nelson.. Maybe I can help you out :)

  • Rosemarie-Pinay Singlemom

    nice post, very informative. this would help a lot of people for sure…

  • Shadz

    Good for you. Looking forward to reading their insights on financial matters here.

  • Geca Franco

    Sad that a very informative show lasted for a few episodes only. There should be more shows like that however people patronize tv soaps more than anything else.

    • NickRaquel

      Exactly! :)

  • Rachelle Ramos

    i hope tv shows like this gain more support. what’s wrong with the people is that they patronize more these teleseryes where they can’t get something out of. just one of the reasons why their lives don’t improve.

    • NickRaquel

      yes.. they rather spend most of their productive time on watching soaps – as if their lives would improve if you watch every minute of it.

  • Gene

    I didn’t know that there was a show like this. All I know is the Go Negosyo show but I think that was in a different channel and was shown way too early for me to watch. I hope they would release this kind of show again.

  • Mona Abayle

    Not familiar with the show but the show sounds good, hope they will back on tv i will definitely watch it.

  • Olga

    This would be great so the rich won’t be the only ones to get richer. I hope they make their seminars affordable coz some charge such huge amounts you’d actually just want to invest the seminar fee than attend the seminar itself.

  • Mae Codizal

    Hoping more Pinoys would learn even just the basics

  • paula81

    I hope they put it back on air. Pinoys need more shows like this!

  • Vera

    I only got to watch one episode on TV, but I did join their first seminar several weeks back. :)

  • Taylor Gilmore

    Anyone interested in investing would be wise in adding your blog to their reading list. Great information.

    • NickRaquel

      Kind words. Thank you taylor :)

  • kath

    this would be a great help for people to know more about investments and finances

  • Kristen

    Maganda to kasi mas madaling intindihin. And I think this would have helped others understand and get a better feel on how to do investment and handle their finances. I hope they can get another chance to have a TV show.

    • NickRaquel

      I’m actually waiting for their show to resume. It seemed that they still can’t find sponsors to make that happen.

  • Sander

    Cool site about finance. If the government is really serious about improving our economic situation, they should be teaching students how to properly invest and how to handle their finance. They should spark the interest.

    • NickRaquel

      Exactly! This should be part of the curriculum.

  • Dominique Goh

    I haven’t heard about such a show but it does sound really informational for people who are interested in investing.

  • Gelo Basilio

    Im not really good in finaces, it’s good to hear that Mr aya is still persistent in educating the public about financial literacy

  • Pearl

    This is the first time that i’ve heard of this show. Sounds interesting :-)

  • Lady

    Truthfully, I don’t watch much TV anymore so this is the first time I’ve heard of this show.
    I hope the book is just as easy to understand as you say the show aimed to be, for people like me who find investmensts very difficult to process (^-^;”)

    • NickRaquel

      Hey Lady,

      I really think the show delivered everything in a simple manner. Let me tell you the good news. They have a youtube channel where you can watch all their episodes.

      Check here:


  • Chinmay Chakravarty

    I got two comments with separate names linking your site, so I deleted suspecting spam. This is a good site and I’ll wait for your true response.

  • Aileen_A

    That’s great! It would greatly benefit a lot of people who don’t understand these things much (me included) but are interested in it.

    • NickRaquel

      Yes, that’s true.. Come back often and you will definitely hear a lot from them

  • Mark Hugh Neri

    way to go nick! congratulations! :)

    • NickRaquel

      hehe thanks bro! looking forward to what the partnership could bring :)