When is the Best Time to Invest?

This has been one of the many questions of most people visiting this blog. Maybe it’s time to reveal the greatest secret of investing success.

The best time to invest in the Stock Market, Mutual Funds, or even FOREX, is when the market reached the point where there is no other way to go but up. OR when the market starts to build an obvious momentum that any time soon, it will be skyrocketing. Buy Low, Sell High.

The wisest question will be, how will we be able to identify those signals? Here is my answer.

I DON’T KNOW. That’s for the experts to find out. Surprisingly, when experts are asked, they’ll be bringing up different opinions.

So, when is really the best time to invest?

My take:

If you have all the capacity to invest – a considerable savings for your emergencies, and other  life’s necessities, for you, the best time to invest is TODAY.

There’s just a small misconception about investment. It’s that the only time you start investing is the time when you and your money got separated. True, but is not really the case.

We start to invest at the point we start learning on what investment instrument we should be investing in, and not just at the point when we gave our money away. That’s right! Education is the first investment we should ever make.

Am I saying that we should invest only if we really understand what we are going into?

Yes, and no. Yes that we should have an understanding of what we are going into. We should be doing our due diligence. And no to the point that we should really have an expert’s understanding before getting into a specific investment.

There are things that can only be learned if we have experienced it. This principle applies the same with investments.

The lectures, the seminars, the reading of books – we can learn a lot from them, but not everything. There are a lot of lessons that only experience can provide.

What am I driving you into?

What I’m trying to say is that we can only learn so much from books, blogs, seminars, lectures, etc… The other half of the learning process is when you start the real life investment.

The best time to invest is NOW. Have a piece of skin in the market. Experience the ups and downs. Make mistakes. Experience losing. Experience gaining.

Invest. Explore. And Study More!

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  • http://www.journeytomillions.com Elvin @ Journey To Millions

    Hi Nick,

    At last, I stumbled upon your site. I totally agree with you that the best time to invest is now. In terms of finances, we need to setup a goal first, create an emergency fund and insurance, once we have all of those then we can invest.

    We don’t want to have any regrets in the future such as: “eto pala ang amount na kailangan ko, sayang hindi ko pa dinagdagan ang ininvest ko!” or “kailangan ko ng i-withdraw ang pera ko sa stocks! Wala na akong pambili ng gamot!”

    We cannot go back in time to correct our mistakes. However, we have the time now to do what is right. :)

    • Nick Raquel

      Hey Elvin,

      Well said :)

      Thank you for visiting the blog. I was stalking your (wife’s) blog for a while now, and I’m really learning a lot.

      Btw, I like the design of your blog. I think we are following and getting hints from similar well known internet marketers :)

      • http://www.journeytomillions.com Elvin @ Journey To Millions

        Hi Nick,

        Thank you for visiting our site too! I’m happy that we’re learning from each other. My wife usually writes but there will be a time that I’ll share my piece. She’s more of a writer not me, so I’ll leave it to her for now. :)

        My wife and I follow Halpern and loved his layout. So we recreated it. Who else do you follow? :)

        • Nick Raquel

          Haha sabi na eh. Your site looks very clean, free of any unnecessary clutter and straight to the point. :)

          Aside from Derek, I also follow SocialMediaExaminer, Amy Porterfield, and Pat Flynn. Their podcasts are really helpful! My favorite is Pat because of his attitude in doing marketing :)

          Try them. I know you’ll thank me for that =D

          Let’s continue helping each other out in giving our audience the best information that we could provide :)

          • http://www.journeytomillions.com Elvin @ Journey To Millions

            Thanks for sharing! After my online classes in coursera, I’ll check them out. I agree with your last line. Let’s give our audience the best information we can provide. :)

  • http://moneygizmo.net/ Mark Hugh Neri

    best time to invest is Now!

  • Financial Freedom

    I started “investing” when I was 22. Nothing grand. Just bought 1000 shares of AP at IPO. Then stopped. I didn’t know much about anything then. About stocks, bonds mutual funds. Nothing.

    I started seriously thinking about it when I turned 25 and laid out a plan to retire at 40. Now, at 27, I have several mutual fund accounts and built up my stock portfolio. I regret not investing when I was in college! Lol.

    Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened to my AP shares, I bought at P6.80 and sold at P30, 2 years later.

  • http://www.zowanderer.com zoan

    i think the best time to invest is now and where to invest will really depend on your gut feel:)

  • Francis Baraan

    This is one of the best financial advice I have ever read. This helps a lot in making decisions. :-)

  • http://www.mtgambrocio.com Thess Enriquez

    If I have something extra, I’ll invest some too!

  • Rochelle

    Interesting and really encouraging! I’ve learn so much and yes to that education is my first investment now :)

  • Irene

    I invested in a mutual fund last year. I hope I made the right choice.

    • Nick Raquel

      I believe you did :)

  • http://www.contourblog.com Bonzenti | Con Tour

    The best time to invest is when you have surplus.:-).

  • yinyin

    i really need to invest. i know im young and i have the years on my side so… my first step was to read up and then apply the theory. it still intimidates me but if others can do it, im sure anyone can. yey! thanks to this blog. it’s a great resource.