Great Income Opportunities from Online Freelance Jobs

I have first encountered the concept of making money online five years ago, year 2007. I was a student back then who was endlessly browsing the internet, like many others, searching for nothing, wasting my precious time. And then I’ve stumbled a concept, the concept of making money through the internet. I was immensely fascinated! Who won’t? How cool working from home seemed to be back then.

I started to build my own website (self-taught), and started learning and learning, and learning. Just in case you want to see how raw my first website is, check it out here.

There are many ways to make money through the internet. So many that, I must admit, I haven’t discovered everything yet. This actually gives me confidence that when, in worst case, I become unemployed (knock on wood), I will always have a backup, until I find a new job.

The easiest and most straightforward money making opportunity in the internet is by doing freelance jobs. These are jobs offered by individuals, and companies as well, which could be a one-time job, or a recurring job – meaning, you will be compensated on a regular basis by performing regular tasks.

Jobs ranges from easy tasks like arranging emails, data entry, making researches, commenting on blogs, to more complicated tasks like programming, accounting, business proposals, and many more. There are lots actually. All you have to do is to continue developing your skill.

My Freelance Job Experience

Also, during 2007, my brother and I started exploring doing freelance jobs. One of the biggest projects we had was research on dog breeders websites. Basically the task was to search for websites of dog breeders and scrape their contact details. That’s it! How much did we earn? In a span of almost two weeks, we earned a total of P15,000.

Compared to doing nothing and just killing time browsing Facebook (or Friendster back then), that’s a whole lot of money.

Do you know what’s great on earning that P15,000? We only did half of the job!

We hired computer shops to do the research, and paid them their rates, which is way lower than the rate we are receiving from our client. How about working smart, eh?

How to Start your Freelance Career?

Easy! You just need to join a freelance market website and start searching for jobs.

For the website/platform, I would recommend you use I have been using this website for a while now, although not as a contractor (the one doing jobs), but as a client (the one whose posting a job). Odesk have a user-friendly interface that you can get along easily.

Then, start searching for jobs that you feel you can do easily, like data entry, research, transcription, etc.. Start from there until you get the hang of it, and then you may try exploring skills.

Just a reminder, even though you don’t meet your clients face to face, you should always stay professional. Always ensure that your clients gets what they want. Getting paid feels good if you know the other party felt good on your service. And besides, Odesk, and other freelance platforms, lets you build your profile through feedbacking and rating. If you have good feedbacks and ratings (and the more you have of them), the higher your chances of getting a good paying project.

This might be very overwhelming to some. If you find things hard to understand, here is my advice: Just do It! It is sometimes harder to comprehend by reading, than experiencing it yourself.

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