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    I might consider them before the year ends. ^_^

  • Rodel L. Edeleon

    Ask ko lang po pano ko mamomonitor yung investment ko sa FAMI without opening an account from Metrobank? Bago pa lang kasi ako. Tnx.

  • AV De Jesus II

    Hi Nick,

    How different is FMSBC from ColFinancial in terms of me investing on stocks? For someone with zero experience like me, which one is more preferred?


    • Nick Raquel

      Bro, it’s been a while since I used COL, siguro it was 5 years ago. Pero as far as I can remember, there’s really not much of a difference as to the platforms. Pero for convenience, FMSBC or even BPI trade is a good option.

  • Damian

    Hi Nick,
    Just wanna ask about FAMI’s calculation of MF management fees of 1.75% per year. Let say I invested Php50K on January 1,2013 & another Php50K on June30,2013 with a total of Php100K as of Dec31,2013, does the calculation of management fees at the end of the year is Php100k x 1.75%= Ph1,750 or (Php50K x 1.75% =Php875+(Php50K x 1.75% x 6/12months=Php 437.50)=Php1,312.50 (prorata basis)?


    • Nick Raquel

      As far as I know, management fees are already integrated in the NAVPS. While sales loads are fees that are charged upfront – nakikita na idinededuct sa investments natin, ang management fees naman ay dineduct na (on a prorated basis) while computing the daily NAVPS.

  • aryou

    hi nick, aside from opening an acct with metrobankdirect, what other bank could I use?

    • Nick Raquel

      For FAMI, you could use Metrobank and PSBank..

  • Antonio Aquino

    Hi sir Nick, im working in abroad as OFW,how do i start joining the mutual fund? and how much will be the minimum initial investment? what are the requirements?

  • darwin

    hi nick!
    by reading all your blogs about MF, i am ready to start NOW… 😀

    • Nick Raquel

      And that’s my accomplishment :) happy investing darwin!

  • http://MUTUALFUNDPH Norma Macaspag

    I learned a lot by reading there question and your answer,So my question ..The answer is already there….Thanks a lot.

  • Morris Duane A. Avergonzado

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  • Arnel

    sir tanong ko lang naka bili kasi ako ng 1000 shares ng Petron way back 1996 pa ngayon ay nabili na ng San Miguel ang Petron pano ko po kaya maibebenta yun gusto ko na kasing mabenta

  • Gian

    how do i buy stocks then? can i have it deducted to my atm account? thanks

    • NickRaquel

      Hi Gian! That’s exactly how it will work.

      From your metrobankdirect account, go to “Manage My Accounts”, then “Stock Trading Accounts”. From there, you can enroll your ATM account to link with your account in First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp (FMSBC).

      When you’re ready to fund your account, still from your metrobankdirect account, go to “Manage Stock Trading Funds”. You can now transfer funds directly from metrobankdirect to your FMSBC account. Then you can start trading :)