Survey Says FAMI is the Most Trusted Mutual Fund Management Company in the Philippines for 2012

Last November 22, 2012, I asked a survey on which Mutual Fund Management Company did you guys trusted your money for 2012. Respondents were given the chance to cast two votes. Here are the Statistics:

Total Voters: 359
Total Votes: 424

The list of Mutual Fund Management Companies are extracted from the Philippine Investment Fund Association.

The objective of this survey is to get the pulse on which Mutual Fund Management Company is gaining popularity and trust from most mutual fund investors.

Total number of respondents may not accurately represent the total mutual fund investing population.

There are of course, limitations to the system used in the survey. Voters can cast votes twice since the system checks the unique IP address and not the individual, thus, there is a chance a voter can cast votes several times.

There is no way I tried manipulating the results.

Survey Results

MF Management CompanyTotal Votes
First Metro Asset Management Inc. (FAMI)170
Sun Life Prosperity Funds69
PhilAm Asset Management Inc. (PAMI)64
ALFM Mutual Funds (by BPI)59
Philequity Management Inc. (PEMI)47
Cocolife Asset Management Inc.6
ATR KimEng Asset Management Inc.6
Grepalife Asset Management Corporation3

Personal Remarks

First Metro Asset Management Inc.There is no doubt that FAMI would turn out the most trusted and most popular Mutual Fund Management Company. Visiting major forums and reading blogs from other bloggers, FAMI is always one of the top of the list. I myself thinks the same.

The result shows that regardless of the negative reviews with FAMI’s customer service (Metrobank personnels are clueless about FAMI’s mutual funds) and investment application process, people tend to invest on it more since it has been consistently performing well in the past five years.

FAMI’s other services, however, should improve in the nearest future.

The four runners-up seemed equally popular, led by Sunlife Prosperity Funds, PhilAm Asset Management Inc., ALFM Mutual Funds, and PhilEquity Management Inc.. These Mutual Fund Management  Companies may outpace FAMI (if FAMI does not improve) once they gain the latter’s advantage – that is, being a member of a Banking Company group.

ALFM is almost there, only if it performs better. But for convenience – account monitoring, making additional investments, redemption, and seamless integration with BPI Internet Banking system, ALFM Mutual Funds has gotten ahead of anyone else.


The Philippine’s Mutual Fund Investing industry is quite young compared to more mature markets, thus, giving it a large room for more improvements.

For the succeeding years, we’ll perform more comprehensive surveys to better feel the pulse of what’s happening in the industry.

For those who have participated with this survey, thank you. Until the next survey! :)

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