The Story of How I Make Money Online

I’m a hardcore internet user, and I don’t deny that. I have even upgraded my mobile plan to a package with unlimited internet. You see, I can’t even stop myself looking at my personal emails and facebook pages because I am monitoring a lot of things.

Why such an addiction? Well, let’s just say that I’m not addicted in the internet per se, but to the fact that I’m making money online, which reinforce not only my fixed monthly income, but also my goal of being financially independent and obtaining total control of my time. There’s so much opportunity in the internet, you’ll just have to have the right mindset.

I will be sharing this story in this blog for one reason, that is, for the very first time, I would like to teach you, my readers, how to start your own quest of making money online. I would like to form a session group composed of those who are really serious in making a difference in their lives by having lots of option, not just hanging on the thin thread of regular employment and at the mercy of your employers. I will share with this group all the things that I know and guide them from the start, until they know more than I do.

In the next few weeks, I will again be conducting a free webinar for this. From there, I’ll show you how you can be a part of my session group. Just to make sure you receive the updates, please like our Facebook Page or subscribe below:

My Short and Simple Story

I was a second year college student when had a computer subject where we had a project of creating our own webpage. We were introduced to using basic HTML codes. Just that, nothing grand.

The thing is, I enjoyed it a lot! A few friends were so lucky enough to have been blessed with such excitement I had – I made their projects. And that does not stop there. I continued making websites even on weekends and vacations. And since I was so lucky to having an internet connection at home, I was able to publish my very first website online.

Later that year, I’ve began a few search and bumped into the idea of making money online. I eventually learned how to blog, and after several months, started making money.

That wasn’t easy though. It took a lot of electricity bills from my mom (and unlimited sermons for me), and countless hours of reading the so many articles published in the net. The first dollar didn’t even show up until the fifth to sixth month of trying.

But then, it eventually did took off (subjectively for a student earning zero to something). I was able to make my first purchases online back then. From then, I learned the value of reinvesting my profits.

The first major profit I gained was before I started my review for the CPA board exam. Before I even set my foot on CPAR (the review centre), I managed to earn more or less P30,000.00. That was much, especially for a student like me.

From that point on, I laid low, and focused on my career as a Certified Public Accountant.

But not so long, last November 2011, I decided to start again. At that point, I’m no longer starting from scratch. I already know how to start.

Not before long that I started making money. Still, not that much, but it is now more frequent. I’ve been receiving income from several online sources already. Checks are being mailed to our house. There are even instances where I, out of nowhere, will be contacted by someone, thousand kilometres away, just to advertise in one of my blogs and pay me a very fat sum.

And now that I’ve decided to gamble my cash flow by purchasing my own condominium, I already know where I can count on, and it didn’t failed me. While I was sleeping, I received an email from Australia, hiring me to be Social Media Strategist – a freelance virtual job. How did I learn to be one? Well, the years of journey have given me the mindset and experience in internet marketing.

And this is what I wanted to share in my session group.

I have earned a few thousand dollars already in the internet from the time I started, again, still not much for me to surrender my regular day job. I’m not yet an expert. But the journey is preparing me to be one.

If you are interested to be part of the session group, just join our Facebook Page, or subscribe below to get updates on the free webinar.

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