Invitation to Contribute to Mutual Fund Philippines

Dear Investment Writers/Bloggers,

Mutual Fund Philippines (MFP) has been growing significantly since it’s humble beginnings on March 2012. I have originally created this site for my clients, so that they can have an online portal to monitor their mutual fund investments.

And the realization came up. People are visiting MFP to quench their hunger for information, to ask for guides on how to do things, on what investments are available in the Philippines, and many more.

I tried to answer every bit of it. I even installed a live chat feature in the website so I can answer them anytime, even when I’m busy doing my work as an Internal Auditor.

But I’m just one person.

In that light, I would want to invite you to contribute help me in this advocacy of spreading Financial Literacy here in the Philippines, by taking advantage of  MFP’s readership.

My invitation extends to:

  • Mutual Fund Representatives
  • Stock Brokers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Bankers
  • Investment Advocates
  • Real Estate Professionals
and all other investment professionals out there who are hungry to spread the message (and well, make some sales!)

Your Advantage:

  • Build an online reputation. In this technological age, the internet is one medium that we should not ever take for granted. While creating a blog is not really that challenging, having a good readership or visitors is not that easy to achieve. Emphasize your expertise!The point is, by contributing here at MFP, all articles that you have written will be appropriately attributed to you – with your picture, biography, blog links, FB pages, Twitter handles, and more…
  • Make some sales. Readers of MFP are very hungry for something. And most of them, one way or another are using this site to search for information on how they can start investing, on whatever investment vehicles there could be. Take advantage of that.
  •  Spread the Advocacy.

Let us work together for a better country, and a better self!

Use our Contact Page and let us know your interest in contributing.


Yours truly,


Nick Raquel


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