How to Invest in Mutual Funds in the Philippines

“Invest in mutual funds.”

That’s what you probably hear when advised on where you can make your money grow. Can’t blame them, there are indeed lots of advantages in investing in mutual funds and its “beginner-friendly” nature attracts several people of different background to try it out.

Here are the Steps on How to Invest in Mutual Funds in the Philippines

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  1. Choose a Mutual Fund Company where you want to invest in. There are three types of Mutual Funds and there are several Mutual Fund Management Companies that offers them. Here are the three types:

    To start to invest in mutual funds, it is very crucial to learn on how to choose the right type of mutual fund that fits your goal. Learn more by visiting this guide.

  2. Once you have decided which type of mutual fund you want to invest in, you may now start completing the requirements. Check out the links of the Mutual Fund Management Companies below for the list of investment application requirements

    You may also visit the website of the following Mutual Fund Management Companies for their requirements:

  3. After completing and gathering all requirements, you may now send everything to your broker or to the Mutual Fund Company. For FAMI, PAMI, and PEMI, you may submit the documents to the following address:

    To: c/o Jason Guitierrez and/or Priscilla Mangune

    Rampver Strategic Advisors
    Unit 6F, 6th Floor, PDCP Bank Center
    L.P. Leviste Corner V.A. Rufino Street
    Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines

    For the other Mutual Fund Companies, you may check out their respective websites:

    Once you have submitted all the documents, just wait for the confirmation and voila! You have now taken the first step towards your financial independence.

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