PhilEquity Fund, Inc.


Base Currency Philippine Peso
Minimum Initial Investment 5,000
Minimum Additional Investment 1,000
Entry Fee 0.50% to 3.50%
Early Redemption Fee 1.50% to 2.00%
Holding Period 2 years


PhilEquity Fund, Inc. is the flagship mutual fund managed by PhilEquity Management, Inc. (PEMI). It is considered to be an Equity Fund appropriate investors with high risk profile.


Investment Policy

Philequity Fund, Inc. (“Fund”) is an open-end mutual fund. The Fund’s investment  objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation through investment primarily in equity securities of listed  Philippine  companies while  taking  into  consideration the liquidity and safety of its investments to protect the interest of its investors.

The Fund intends to invest its assets in a variety of Philippine industries to achieve diversification, but will act as such within the provision of applicable laws and regulations.

A.  Fixed Income Portfolio                                                                   

A portion of the Fund’s investment portfolio shall be invested in short  to  medium term corporate debt papers registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and had been approved by the Board of Directors of the fund management company.

The fund shall allocate at least 10% of its assets in short-term government securities, bonds or other evidences of indebtedness issued by the Philippine government or any of its instrumentalities, savings or time deposits with commercial banks and approved by the Board of Directors of the fund management company.

 Equity Portfolio                                                                              

The Fund shall invest its assets in a variety of selected and listed Philippine industries. These companies must have shown a record of  profit  growth,  dividend  payment  and  stability. In selecting industries and companies for investment, the Investment Manager will consider factors such as overall growth prospects, competitive position in markets     served, technology, research and development, productivity, labor costs, raw materials sources and costs, capital resources, profit margins, return on investments, government  regulations, and experience, quality and competitiveness  of  management. While it  is expected that the Fund will invest principally in securities of established companies, investments  may  also  be  made  in  securities  of  newly  listed companies. Studies on these companies shall be considered from time to time. The Fund intends to purchase and hold securities for long-term gain, except on a case-to-case basis.


Download the complete copy of the PhilEquity Fund, Inc.’s prospectus here (login to download)

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